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Rat Trap Automatic Door Closer

How to save money on your heating bill by keeping doors closed using a repurposed rat trap as an automatic door closer. Perfect as a doggy door - keeps weather out but lets Doggo in!

Coke Can Hummingbird Feeder

How to make an easy DIY Hummingbird feeder from a Coca-Cola soda pop can and some bits of junk - for up close birdwatching on a budget this really attracts the Hummers

Tabletop Electronics Charging Station

Organize your charger cables and electronics! Easy, simple four piece design makes this a fun to build, useful shop project that anyone with access to some basic woodshop tools can make. Made entirely out of recycled scraps - another free "something from nothing" idea from Repairs101 !!

Camp Stove

Building a fuel efficient, lightweight camp stove from recycled materials that collects ash and leaves no footprint / zero trace in environmentally sensitive areas. I used some recycled coffee cans, a soup can, a tomato paste can and a ducting reducer with some cage wire to create this amazing portable stove.

Professional CB Radios from Cobra Electronics