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Tabletop Electronics Charging Station

Organize your charger cables and electronics! Easy, simple four piece design makes this a fun to build, useful shop project that anyone with access to some basic woodshop tools can make. Made entirely out of recycled scraps - another free "something from nothing" idea from Repairs101 !!

Dugout Wooden Boxes

Tools you need and how to make sweet dugout wooden boxes from recycled scraps and end pieces of whatever wood you have - great for gift giving easy to make and personalize with a minimum of tools!

Six Easy DIY Gift Projects – Woodshop Edition

https://repairs101.ca/how-to-make-six-easy-diy-gift-projects-woodshop-edition/ Do-it-yourself gifts that are cheap & easy! Useful stuff made from recycled wood with a minimum of tools. Lots of great DIY ideas to inspire you including coasters, cuttingboards, birdhouses, treasure boxes, hair jewelry for Mom and a tool caddie for Dad!

iPhone Video Stabilizer – Easy Woodshop Project

Make you own cheap and easy to build hi-tech (just kidding) wooden smartphone video camera stabilizer for your iPhone or similar mobile device. Stabilizes camera for video and improves production value. Shoot better videos on the run!

Garden Tools Rack

Easy shop project for home or school : build a garden tools shelf to organize your tool shed, garage or basement. Watch how I turn a couple of salvage boards and some screws into a handy storage rack perfect for hanging large/long gardening tools out of the way.

How To Rehandle a Rock Hammer

Demonstration of salvaging an old broken sledgehammer handle and recycling it into a handle for a rock hammer following the classic - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Professional CB Radios from Cobra Electronics