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“Tool Knowledge Challenge” handyman quiz – Vol.3

Alright so today on Repairs101 it’s the third edition of the Tool Knowledge Challenge – where I show you unusual looking tools and you have five seconds to figure out what they are.

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So this is a Spark Plug Gap Feeler Gauge.

This one is like a putty knife with special features. It has a knife on it, a putty knife, a scraper, a nail puller and its even got a paint roller cleaner on it.

Tired of making a mess when you top up your oil or other fluids? At five dollars these things pay for themselves the first time you use them.

Use this device when you need to fish a wire through a wall or a floor or the bulkheads on your boat.

Whoops OK it’s a lot easier to see what this is when you orient it correctly.

Made like a hypodermic syringe, a grease needle is used to deliver lubricant into tiny spaces, like in a roller bearing.

These Quick Wedge Screwdrivers are fantastic for driving screws into hard to reach places.

Also called hole punches and leather punches, the hollow punch is a must have for gasket making.

This rig is used to test the pressure holding capacity of radiators and cooling systems. This adapter is used to test Rad Caps. This one is a “Fail”, unfortunately. Although it pops open at fifteen pounds it doesn’t seem to hold any pressure at all. Use a Thread Pitch Gauge to determine what thread is on your fasteners. OK this one’s old school. It looks like a parrot’s beak to me, but – it’s a nail puller.

Alright inside the clear plastic case is a light-bulb and it’s used to detect electrical current in the spark plug circuit.

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