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Top 10 Shop Supplies You Need At Home

Shop supplies: Alright today on Repairs101 I’m going to go over a list of shop supplies that I depend on all the time and that you’re going to want to have handy in your home or shop.

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OK the first solvent I’ll mention is Acetone. It’s good for cleaning up just about any kind of paint and many plastics and polyester resin. It even makes a good degreaser and clean up for solder flux.

Now besides the obvious use of thinning paint. I use Paint Thinner to remove the gummy residue left behind by the labels from bottles and jars. And as a smoothing agent for caulking.

Brake Cleaner is a really strong solvent used for greasy dirty brake components. It can be used to remove grease stains from carpet or upholstery just by applying it to a rag and lifting off the stain.

Bonding Agents

I find Carpenters Glue handy for all kinds of fixes to all kinds of furniture. And for making wooden boxes and repairs to other household items.

I use J-B WELD and J-B KWIK for wood, plastic and metal repairs and just about anywhere. At home, at work, auto… marine – it bonds great, it’s remarkably strong and it’s sandable and therefore shapeable.


Firstly Mineral Oil is non-toxic, cheap and available at almost any pharmacy. Second, it’s perfect for kitchen utensils because it doesn’t go rancid. And finally it can be used to revitalize furniture, tools, art or whatever else you have made of uncoated wood.


WD-40 is a terrific penetrating oil that I also use for corrosion and rust treatment and prevention. Now as far as lubricant goes – here’s a small bottle that lasts a long time.

Only a tiny drop of TENACIOUS OIL is required to lubricate almost anything including bicycle chains.

Also, NEVER-SEEZ is designed to protect fasteners from corrosion and rust. But it can also be used around the house to lubricate things like hinges and locks.

Finally, NEVR-DULL is a super-fine polishing compound that can remove rust – a form of slow oxidization. It also easily supports a form of rapid oxidization. Alright thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

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