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Practical gift ideas

Practical gift ideas for the outdoorsy or handyperson on your shopping list. Everything but the dog in this video was supplied by our sponsor PRINCESS AUTO.

Here’s a helpful hint: everyone wears clothes!

Anker 555 Portable Power Station 1024W

Yeah you know I was going to put this up on the back fence, but it’s just easier this way.

Foul weather gear

These ponchos and rain pants will forever be a part of my road kit. Any kind of gloves make a practical gift… as does a toque! But seriously you could combine some gloves and a hat with some foul weather gear and a shovel and you’ve just given an entrepreneurs starter kit.

practical gift ideas foul weather gear

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up. Consider bottle jacks, floor jacks and axle stands. Wooo. Hammer. (ALA Homer) If they already have a compressor, air tools like this tire inflator and this slinky hose are a big hit. Body repair kit. Creeper. Tire tread gauge. Or a tire repair kit. Chaps for working with a chainsaw, And this canvas jacket is just perfect for work – the hood is big enough to fit over a hardhat! I always wear a beanie or something similar at work to keep my hair clean. A respirator should be part of every worker’s tool kit.

How about this sturdy little aluminum step stool? Or a draft blocker for their bedroom door. Anyone who cooks outdoors would appreciate some barbeque gear. Depending on their jobs and hobbies, measuring instruments are always well received. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cool digital caliper like this one? PRINCESS AUTO carries all kinds of neat items including this little tripod that came with a phone holder and a bluetooth remote! Rope, braided line and paracord all have a million uses! Whetstones are handy in anybody’s home.

Tools, tools, tools

Tools are a safe bet – no matter who you’re buying for! Solder equipment. An angle grinder chop saw jig. A high volume low pressure paint sprayer. Mechanical fingers. Garden and grass rakes. Or a bench brush. Any woodworker would appreciate this logging shave. A stucco mason can always use a new sponge float. And Gardeners can groove on a new rake. This tiny shovel lives in my trunk with the first aid kit and my foul weather gear.

practical gift ideas welding mask and jacket

Builders, welders and mechanics are all easy to make happy with tools. Pliers. Wrenches. Drills. Heat guns. Fire safety gear says you care. Flashlights and batteries and night lights and motion lights. And these Garage Lights provide unbelievable illumination for the same power as a sixty watt incandescent bulb.

practical gift ideas garage lights

I use this timer as a silent alarm clock. When the light comes on I wake up. Aw geeze, it’s almost quarter after eight already. Sorry to keep you guys up so late. Good night! Alright on behalf of everyone here at REPAIRS101 I’d like to say a special THANK YOU to PRINCESS AUTO for sponsoring the show. I dunno. Is that a hundred? Anybody been counting?

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