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Timeline Cleanser – C’mere you !

TIMELINE CLEANSER – Dog Gracie tells German Shorthaired Pointer Fritz it’s time to go and won’t take “no” for an answer.

Dogs having fun. #timelinecleanser

Transcript provided for the hearing impaired.





timeline cleanser with Gracie and Fritz

In support of dog parks : Many people tend to malign their local Dog Parks citing various attacks on innocent pups which they have heard about, witnessed or even suffered themselves. And as much as I feel for them (my dog has also been attacked at the Dog Park on more than one occasion – once by a Rottweiler who bit so hard as to draw blood) I must point out that the benefits of the park and its opportunity to socialize and exercise dogs far outweigh the risks.

Dogs need dog friends. And they need a time and a place to behave like dogs. Dangers at the park can be mitigated by careful supervision and when necessary, intervention. Remember: A little dog-on-dog violence is normal. It is mostly just doggy sabre rattling but happens quickly and upsets nervous dog owners. Keep an eye on your dog and look for signs she’s being bullied (or doing the bullying). Tell tales are raised hackles, curled lips and low, quiet growling.

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Hope you enjoyed this timeline cleanser, by REPAIRS101

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